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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcome to my little corner of the interweb! So nice of you to stop by. :) I've decided to start this blog to not only set some simple, solid goals for myself as a physical being, an emotional woman and a spiritual person, but to: 1. Hold myself accountable in a world of greasy tacos and comfortable couches (which, mind you, I still intend to incorporate in my life) and 2. Relate to and learn from the community around me which may also be looking to freshen up their busy, stressful lives and simplify their cluttered, chaotic worlds.
I am an anxious, anxious girl. Be it car wrecks or tumors or cancer or tsunamis or amnesia or dying pets or financial doom, I have at some point in my life convinced myself that these are the dark and tumultuous fates that await me. Three months ago, after six grueling weeks of training into Finding Nemo The Musical at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom as Dory (a part I had dreamed of having for two years), I fractured my rib in flight during my very first week of shows. I was devastated. In the weeks that followed, I was bed-ridden, cranky, frustrated, and crestfallen. I soon grew stir crazy, fixating on problems and mental images that didn't make sense or hold any sort of merit at all. I became hopeless, unmotivated, and passionless to a point that I couldn't get out of bed. Where I could usually find light in playing the piano, writing songs, singing Britney Spears tunes at the top of my lungs in my underwear in the bedroom, I found nothing that could comfort me.

 I've never been the type of person who couldn't find it possible to laugh or seek sunlight. Through the help of my ever-understanding husband, my selfless and relatable mother, and beautifully supportive group of friends and family members, I've started to pull myself out of the dark cave that is my deceitful little brain and harken back to the person who escaped me for a moment. And what better time to brush off the ole Candace book and improve upon my story than when I'm fast approaching 27, a new chapter of life, challenges, memories and love? ...Ahem, pardon my hippy-sounding chain of thoughts; I shave and eat meat. I assure you I'm not quite the Earth child I seemed just then.

So, I hope you'll enjoy my little day-by-day steps on a cobblestone journey to happiness, wholeness, wellness, and any-other-things-that-might-pop-up-ness. :)

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