Our Wedding: The Cake

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Who Made It: Mandie of Got What It Cakes in Charlotte, NC

My amazing and wonderful mother organized 527 cake tastings for us. It was probably more like 6, but after you've been stuffing your face with baby cake samples for four days straight, it feels like 527. We tried everything from stuffy, high-end cakes shellacked in fondant to modest cakes made by sweet grandmothers right out of their own home. At the end of the day, Mandie was a perfect fit- her bubbly, vivacious personality blended beautifully with our crazy antics as a couple. 

My aunt had given us a super whimsical I-don't-get-it-but-I-love-it cake topper of a rabbit and a cat with people faces. People kept asking the story behind it to which we always responded, "We got nothin'. But, isn't it cute?" I adore my aunt's taste and no other cake topper would've come close to what we needed.

Mandie had the idea of using my paper flowers on the cake which worked beautifully with the simple, rustic look I wanted the cake to have. The icing was NOT fondant and the layers consisted of, legit, the best carrot cake I've ever had, and a white and chocolate marble in the center. The guests absolutely loved it. Happy guests mean happy bride and groom. :)

We couldn't have asked for anything more.

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