Our Wedding: Paper Flowers (Craft)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Since Timothy and I have been doing musical theatre our entire lives, we had heaping piles of sheet music in our possession. We thought it would be a nice personal touch to use sheet music from our past shows to bring our theatrical sides into the wedding. I spent weeks coffee and tea-dying the pages to turn them into these little paper flowers that we used all through out the wedding, even on the cake! It was a SUPER simple detail that gave a great touch of personality to our special day. :)

You could also do this with pages from your favorite book or newspaper clippings.

Materials Needed
Brewed Coffee or Tea
Paintbrush (I find that sponge brushes work best)
Tacky Glue

1. Use a shallow tray and fill with a pot of brewed coffee or tea
(the tea will be darker if you use multiple bags)

2. Brush the paper in three-four coats of tea. Allow to dry completely overnight.

3. Cut the tea-stained pages into strips.

4. Form the strips into a flower formation and staple at the center.

5. Cover the staple in a decorative button, attach with a dot of tacky glue.

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