The Little Things

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I fully realize that my husband and I are still within the first year of our marriage and that the amount of gush and yuck is still at about 75%. We have not yet reached that "you have your side of the bed, I have mine and there is a distant heat-blocking barrier between us" stage, nor have we stopped holding hands everywhere we go. We text each 12 times other a day to say, "I miss you" or "I love you." We are totally that couple although we've never been much for the highly uncomfortable amount of PDA that you get from so many pre-teens nowadays.

I was thinking about all of the fine touches we put on our days even when our schedules don't line up. Sometimes, they go less noticed but are never taken for granted.

When my grandpa counseled us before our marriage, he told us not to forget that even a squeeze on the shoulder can speak millions about your love.

So, here are few little things we do as tacit I-Love-You reminders. Feel free to steal!

1. If he leaves for work before I do, he'll always set my toothbrush out, paste included.

2. We always pack each other lunch and no lunch is complete without a little love note.

3. If I'm home from work before he is, I lay out his "comfy clothes."

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