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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinterest has ignited a fiery passion within me for organization. It's sick, really. I'm a 26-year old newlywed with the mentality of 38-year old woman in mom jeans. When I found myself looking up secrets to better smelling laundry the other day, I had to close the laptop and take a moment to breathe in and readjust my grasp on these last twenty-something years. 

I've never been a dumpster diver, per se. I don't like the idea of being on a quest to dig through smelly bags and wrestle used syringes just for a totally awesome sock or a nonfunctional box TV. But, living in an apartment complex means a daily drive past the dumpster, a virtual treasure box of toss-outs by people recklessly emptying their apartments by the time their lease is up. I've found lamps, couches, dressers. It's a very profitable exploit if you can get past the idea that what you're grabbing hasn't even been through the selection and elimination process of thrift store employees. 

So, naturally, when I stumbled upon three pieces of particle board leaning ever so temptingly next to the dumpster, I had to grab them. 4 fifty-cent Ikea brackets later, I had a $2 closet makeover. :)

*CATNIP TIDBIT* (for cat owners): Our tiny apartment allows us NO where but the closet to keep the litter box. We don't want our clothes to get all stinky! Most closets don't come equipped with outlets so I hung a power strip on the wall (with the chord under the door) and put an air freshener there. Smells great! Also, we use the Roll 'n' Clean Litter Box. It's affordable and functional! No scooping! Get it for just $21 at 1-800-PETSUPPLIES.

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