26 Things I've Learned In 26 Years (In No Particular Order)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

As I sit here on this sunny Saturday afternoon, it's weird to think that I'm 27 when I feel like my 21st birthday was yesterday. And my 18th birthday was like... last Tuesday. And my sweet sixteen was, like, the Saturday before that. And my tenth birthday... was definitely seventeen years ago.

It'd be cliché to ask, "Where does the time go?"

But, that brings me distinctly to number one on my list.

1. Clichés and stereotypes are not that bad. Usually based in truth, I'm learning to love and find the humor in them.

2. Just as my parents pine for the 70's and my grandparents for the 50's, so do I look back lovingly on a time of stirrup leggings, Nick in the Afternoon, JTT, and AOL 1.0.

3. I can find friends who are girls without subjecting myself to backstabbing drama. I just have to look in the right places.

4. I can find boys who are diligently kind and caring without subjecting myself to selfish deceit and unapologetic screwery. I just had to look in the right places.

5. I can make up words like, "screwery." Shakespeare did that kindof stuff all the time.

6. Cats are best.

7. In spite of my unmatched inability to stay in touch or pick up the phone, some very true friends have managed not to slip through the cracks. And I'm guessing that's for a reason. :)

8. Money is totally lame when you don't have it, and totally pointless when you do. It's the Ben Folds theory of: "And they gave me some coffee and they didn't charge me. And when I was broke, I needed it more. But, now that I'm rich they give me coffee."

9. Dollar Tree and thrift stores excite me.

10. I'm obsessed with the people in my life that I love.

11. The Beatles win out. Every time.

12. Everything scares me. Cancer, rapists, disease, heart attacks, car wrecks, losing people I love. But, my obsession with tornadoes remains untarnished.

13. Peas are delicious. I choose peas over pizza.

14. I prefer people who are not easily offended and who will laugh at anything.

15. When Harry Met Sally remains the perfect film of all time.

16. I feel really emo writing this post. Like, I feel like I'm taking it really seriously and narrating it as though I were Wynona Ryder's character in Mermaids. And that's weird to me. I'm also getting really stressed out that I'm not going to cover everything I want on the list and that it's going to bother me later in the day. See what kind of person I am?

17. I always had a messy room as a kid and now I want everything shiny and spotless.

18. I'm finally proud of being a tall girl and wouldn't even mind being an inch taller (I compulsively measure myself every time I'm at a gas station).

19. I will never understand the appeal of Jennifer Love Hewitt or Mariah Carey. But, I still think (the old) Britney Spears is a goddess.

20. The older I get, the less makeup and jewelry I wear.

21. I love God for holding my hand through the thick and the thin. It's not always easy trusting in Him without fear, and He keeps my head held hight through it all.

22. I don't know what addictive chemical is in BBQ chips but I'm clearly not trying to fight it.

23. I want to do theatre and make all of the money in the world while living in a cozy cottage with my husband and cats in the mountains. That's what I want, what I really really want.

24. The birth of my sister and my wedding day are the two best days of my life so far. And I am SO excited to see what's next on that roster.

25. My mood is best when it's storming outside.

26. I am proud to be a Southern girl with an open mind. Give me a sweet tea and equality, please! :)

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