A Birthday As Sweet Peaches!

Monday, July 8, 2013

It's my first time posting my Weekend Shenanigans and it couldn't have come at a better time as Saturday was this girl's birthday! 27, players. I've supremely passed the halfway hump of my mid-twenties and am quickly approaching 30. How disgusting and glorious all at once. :)

The birthday weekend extravaganza began with birthday eve flowers from my sweet husband followed by a delicious dinner with beautiful friends at Azteca D'Oro. Thusly, the stereotypical oversized sombrero public humiliation ensued. 

Saturday was a quiet day to myself opening a kind outpouring of gifts mailed to me from my amazing family. While Timothy worked I sure did make myself some mini peach cobblers. They tasted great but looked deflated and sad.

Timothy then surprised me with my big gift, the "Wild Africa Trek"- an exclusive three hour- meal-included tour of Disney's Animal Kingdom safari. But, of course, Timothy is too creative to divulge this information. I had to put it together in puzzle form. Genius. We take the tour tomorrow. Rest assured there will be photos.

We capped off the evening with Buffalo Wings And Rings: fried pickles and a gyro quesadilla? Yes, please.

Another beautiful, successful birthday all wrapped up in love and happiness. :)

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