Cats Are People Too

Friday, July 12, 2013

About the only thing that saves me from the descriptor, "crazy cat lady" is that I have a husband, I brush my hair regularly, and I own less than twelve cats. However, judging the amount of cat decor around our apartment (mostly gifted to me which speaks volumes about what people think of me i.e. "that I'm a crazy cat lady"), you'd never know.

My mom gave me this AWESOME piece of art that she found at Goodwill. It looks like it's straight out of Urban Outfitters. It's totally us and I've had it for a couple of years now hanging up at the various apartments in which I've dwelled. I decided now in my 27th year of life and (stoopid) adulthood that I'd classy this little number up with a sophisticated coat of paint. Now, it says, "I'm an adult who understands the importance of ironic grandma art. Boom."

P.S. If cats are people too, how come Princess Baby Cat
doesn't understand that a paintbrush is not a toy?

1 comment:

  1. This made me smile! Hubby's Aunt is a "Crazy Cat Lady." Her home is filled with cat stuff galore as well. Unfortunately, I'm allergic...and even when I drug myself it gets tough to breathe if there is more than one cat around. But I do get a kick out of fun cat art.


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