Five On Friday (7.12.13)

Friday, July 12, 2013

How in the WORLD do these summer weeks fly by so quickly? Timothy and I have been married for NINE months! What? We could've made a baby in that time! Knock wood. Knock wood. Knock wood. Knock wood.

Here are five things I'm loving this week:
1. I love coming home and seeing Princess Baby Cat greeting me before I even walk through the door. Hashtag: Window Cat.

2. Mr. Pappas made some BANGIN' meals this week. Two of my personal favorites? Ground turkey and feta stuffed zucchini with garlic and olive oil quinoa. And salisbury steak with garlic-lemon kale and whole kernel corn. Yumtastic, kids.

3. The hubs and I are newly (and belatedly) obsessed with the P!nk/ Nate song despite my initial resistance. I liken it to a modern day "Total Eclipse of the Heart." And yes, I will take this time to brag about the fact that my friend Emily is in the band, FUN. P.s. Did P!nk always use an exclamation point in her name? Where have I been?

4. This is my last weekend before I start my newest actor gig on Monday. I can't divulge direct details. All I'm saying is if you see a clown flopping about behind Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom soon, it might be a friend of mine. ;)

5. Closing arguments for the Zimmerman trial are happening today. If you don't know, we live in Orlando, FL. That means we get to washed up in the flood of high profile cases that happen here. When the Casey Anthony trial was happening, we literally packed an overnight bag to try to get into the courtroom (we were unsuccessful). We drove to her house and took pictures. We are THOSE people. Do I like crime? Absolutely not. Am I fascinated by courtroom antics? You better believe it. What are Mr. Pappas and I going to watch now? Probably The Office.

I leave you with this happy little summer tune by Meiko. 


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