Our Wedding: The Honeymoon

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our honeymoon was absolutely perfect. And it was FREE. 

My parents own a glorious little cabin tucked away on a mountainside in Warrensville, NC. What better way to celebrate our Fall wedding than a blissful, captivating Autumnal getaway? So, mom and dad handed us the keys and we drove ourselves on a foggy trip to beautiful Appalachia. 

When you live in work in Orlando, FL at the most magical place on Earth, the last thing you want to do on your vacation is anything tourist-y. Get us away from heat, crowds, Starbucks, and Mickey ears. Stat.

Prior to the wedding, I literally chose our wedding date based on the peak of the leaves changing color. Nailed it.

The adjacent town to the cabin is West Jefferson, NC. It's an adorable little one-stoplight town with local shops, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, sweet people, and buckets of charm. One of the larges draws to this tiny place is the Ashe County Cheese Store. Cheese is my jam. And what's even more of my jam? Cheese curds. Give me cheese curds all day long.

We have a fire pit next to the cabin. But, fire pits are rendered useless when you've got damp fire wood. It took a solid three days of failed attempts before Timothy could get a unwavering flame. At long last, s'mores time it was!

We spent the rest of the week tending to activities completely specific to what we're all about: antiquing, thrifting, eating totally awesome barbecue, playing UNO, making sausage balls (recipe to be posted soon!), being silly. We even had a little birdy fly into the cabin window (we thought FOR SURE he was dead). But, turns out he just had a few birdies of his own flying around his head. We fed him, nursed him back to health, and he flew away as though it had never happened. Magic? Yes.

The honeymoon was everything we needed: cost effective, laid back, chilly, filled with good food and most importantly, completely us. :) 

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  1. Is that a photo of sausage balls? Now that I see what they look like, I really really want to try them. Yum!
    Your honeymoon looks like it was amazing. What a beautiful cabin!

    I happen to be terrified of birds in enclosed spaces. Dead or alive, they freak me out. Out in the open? Totally fine. But indoors or in my hand, not so much. I would have been screaming like a crazy person, but I'm so glad that your birdy visitor was fine.


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