Our Wedding: The Proposal

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Timothy proposed to me on our one year anniversay (Aug. 4, 2011) in my favorite, favorite ride the world, Walt Disney World's Tower of Terror. At the break of dawn, I was given a VIP tour of the entire ride before wrapping up in the hotel lobby where Timothy took a pre-planted engagement ring from one of the tables and got down on one knee.

The proposal took me by complete surprise as the tears flooded my face and I grabbed him in a constrictive embrace forgetting to even say yes. Photographers hopped out from behind decorative bushes as the park guests cheered and applauded the happy moment. 

Naturally, we celebrated the proposal over a Waffle House breakfast. Rings are expensive, y'all...


  1. This gave me goosebumps!! How creative of him!!

  2. Oh my gosh - that is amazing! Disney is one of my favorite places and you can NEVER go wrong with Waffle House! Such a fun moment!


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