Stacey's Mom Said Bye Bye Bye To Eleanor Rigby

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Are you confused by this title's entry? Me too. I was going for a virtual collage of this post's content but I think it was a fail. Moving on, it's Sunday and tomorrow I start a new actor gig. It's going to be a big ole challenge and I live for that! So, for now, let's push that aside and talk about my other favorite thing: music. :)

/ What is your all-time favorite song? /
In my opinion, "Bohemian Rhapsody" is one of the greatest songs not only written, but performed. Fo'treal. Try to get your friends together and do it better than Queen did. You can't do it. No, you can't. Stop trying. Shut up. They're awesome. I call that: "How to not be a supportive and motivational friend."

/ Who is your favorite singer/band? /
This question is just mean. I can't narrow that mess down. But, if I didn't say The Beatles, namely Paul McCartney (who we recently saw in concert and put on the best show I've ever seen in my entire life), the music gods might smite me right here and now. It sounds cliché, but they're just great. Put me on a desert island and give me only Beatles records and I'm happy (and probably also hungry and sick of bugs and fish).
I call that: "Yeah, Beatles was an easy answer but also, THEY. ARE. THE. BEST. BAND. EVER."

/ What song reminds you of your childhood? /
What part of my childhood? Because, I'm sure when I was an infant it would've been some type of hummed lullaby from Mom. Let's break this down:
- Elementary School: My Dad has impeccable taste when it comes to music. On the way to school, we  always listened to Cake at (very, very, very great) length. And it was awesome.
- Middle School: I thought I could be Britney Spears and I bet a friend a million dollars that I would marry Justin Timberlake. So, you do the math.
I call that" "Why is the girl in this video SO tired?"

- High School: Why is Stacey's Mom SO GOOD? Because it is.
I call that: "There are so many more songs I want to mention, but it's 9 in the morning and there's a 45 hour work week starting tomorrow."

/ What song puts you in a good mood? /
Ladies and gents, it's that monumental time in history when Candace uses her blog for the first time to advertise- wait for it- HERSELF! A couple of months ago, I started a project on Youtube where I write one minute songs based on viewer submitted words. This was my personal favorite of the bunch and will soon be turned into a full-length feel-good song.

I call that: "Shameless plug. Deal with it. Go buy my album!"

/ What is your music to rock out to in the car? /
So many songs. There are so many songs. But for now, let's go with this hidden gem by Pentatonix:
I call that: "Settling in a good way."

/ What is the most embarrassing song or album you own? /
Y'all, I love Amy Grant. I think she is a perfect specimen of untarnished gold. Leave me alone. She's perfect. I WORE OUT her "Heart in Motion" album. I call that: "Why can't I have perky curly nineties hair too?"

Let's Get Social Sunday 


  1. i love your old-school,classic taste in music :)

    cute blog!!

    happy sunday!

    1. Well, thank ya muchly for stopping by! :)

  2. So I can never answer questions like these, because I am entirely too fickle and indecisive. But...
    Yay for Bohemian Rhapsody!
    Yay for the Beatles!
    Yay for Pentatonix!
    Even Amy Grant gets a yay.
    And your song was too much fun. Thanks for sharing!

    Did you get your Dairy Queen yet? Mickey Mouse ice cream is a good substitute I think... :)

    1. I STILL haven't gotten my DQ on! It's been a crazy week! What's wrong with me? At least ill feel like I deserve it once the weekend hits.

      Thank you for indulging me with my musical tastes! :)


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