Tiny Changes Monday: Week 1!

Monday, July 1, 2013


... oh God, my birthday is in five days. Say it ain't so.

It has become increasingly apparent to me that the woman I mean to be is more of a Stepford-y, beast of beauty and talent and success and perfection than an actual person. I want to be better than I am but I know the impracticality of it happening over night and I know that I'll never be perfect. So, as I enter this 27th year of Candacehood, I'm taking action my way. I am going to take the advice of my dear friends in 1978's The Wiz and "ease on down the road." Keyword: ease.

How do I intend to ease?

One goal a week. Just one.

It might be as simple as saying a prayer every morning or as gruesome as adding a horrific ab workout to my daily cardio. I'll keep you abreast of my little successes and little failures along the way. And feel free to join me on my mission and tell me about it!

This Week's Goal: Floss Every Day
Thoughts: Yeah, this is going to suck. I never remember to floss. Here's to clean teeth!


  1. I never remember to floss either, and when I do, I hate every minute of it!

    1. It's the WORST! Oh first world pains... :)


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