Tiny Changes: Week 3 Operation Clean Car!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Last week was an arse-kickin' week that forced me to abandon my mini struggle for change. Regardless, I upheld the previous week's challenge of food prepping. Timothy and I have found an unprecedented success in our relationship: we haven't let ANY leftovers go to waste for two whole weeks!

This week is all prepped!

- Salad
- Mixed Berries (Cranberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries)
- Roast Beef Sandwiches For Hubs
- Fold-Out Turkey and Swiss Sammiches for Me
- Steamed Shrimp For Hubs

WHAT? I know. We're kindof more amazing than Martha Stewart.

This week's tiny change is in tribute to my newly repaired car. My pride and joy, my sweet baby Honda Element suffered radiator damage from an after market fan mishap. 4,000 buckaroos later (she says while shaking her fist at the car gods), my car is all better and more like new than when I got her. So, I'm looking at this (stoopidly) expensive overhaul as a clean slate.

I'm a very clean person in all departments of life SANS the car. It's so simple to abandon that travel mug and leave this bag... and that bag... and that umbrella... and that piece of mail... and that napkin... and that pair of shoes... and before you know it, all of the objects in your house have found themselves conveniently tucked into every corner of your poor car.

So, today it stops!

And what better way to start than with a little Pinterest inspiration? The Car Emergency Kit. Most pinners suggest using an old baby wipe container. I ain't got no babies so I ain't got no wipe container. I grabbed a plastic tote from the Dollar Tree and kablam!

Because I have a plethora of free samples (it's an addiction, kids), I used what I already had on hand. I also scored 25 cent (for a THREE-PACK) air fresheners at Walgreens. I bought every single one they had left. My car will smell delightful for all of eternity now.

In My Car Kit
- Lint Rollers
- Facial Moisturizer
- Shampoo/ Conditioner
- Body Spray
- Razor
- Mouth Wash
- Instant Coffee
- Granola Bars (If you live somewhere warm, don't use CHOCOLATE bars like I did)
- Hand Lotion
- Chapstick
- Lady Products
- Flashlight
- Ink Pens

What I intend to add: 
- Q-Tips
- Mini Scissors
- Band-Aids
- Tweezers
- Deodorant
- Hair Brush
- Eye Drops
- Pain Killers

What's in your kit? Check out my inspiration right here! 


  1. Whoa... I'm so impressed with your food prep!
    And I am also loving the car kit idea. I have an emergency kit that Hubby put in my car. But it doesn't include girl emergency stuff like lip balm and tweezers!

  2. The car kits is a rad idea! I might have to put one together too. I just bought my first new car a few months ago, I should be prepared!



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