You Can't Do That On Television

Sunday, July 21, 2013

/ What was your favorite TV show as a kid? /
Oh, you mean back in the nineties when TV was a decadent nugget of perfection? When hats were of the Blossom persuasion and no pant was complete without a sensible stirrup? When theme songs were catchy and complete versus a faint blip of opening credits for the short attention spans of today? When catchphrases existed ("How YOU doin?") and comedy was clean but hilarious? Is that the era of which you speak?

Well, why would I answer that question when I could present you with a brilliant collage and a silent smirk of satisfaction?

/ What is your current favorite TV show? /
Hands down, The Office. It is our default when there's nothing else on.

/ Which reality show would you never do? /
All of them. But, namely Jersey Shore. Mostly because I don't think my poof would be worthy.

/ Which reality show would you love to do? /
None of them. But, The Voice or American Idol would be the likeliest of choices.

/ What is the TV personality/character that you feel is most like you? /
I've been compared to Flo the Progressive Insurance girl, Lucille Ball, Kristen Johnston, and Carol Burnett.

I wonder why...

/ Which TV personality would you want to date? /
Three years ago I would've said Jim Halpert. But, then I found a Jim Halpert of my own and married him! :)



  1. use to watch all those shows. they rock

  2. nice answers!!

    you have been compared to some amazing comedians!!


    cute blog!

    1. Oh golly gee! I can only aspire to be like these great iconic comediennes! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I love Jim Halpert! My husband and I are starting The Office from the beginning c/o Netflix.

    Also, I miss 90s TV!!

    1. Ahh! Yay! You're in for a great ride of comedy. I think Seasons 3-5 are when they really hit their stride. You'll just fall in love with the Jim/ Pam saga. Keep me posted on your viewings! It's some of the best acting on TV in my opinion. Steve Carell is golden. :)


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