5 On Friday (8.16.13)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Looking back, I had a really, really amazing week this week. Timothy and I actually had not one, but TWO days off together which rarely happens. We were productive and care-free all at once. Went on some adventures and worked hard too.

Also, can someone tell me where the summer went? Because, I'm fine with it approaching its curtain call. Take a bow, Summer. I am so ready for Autumn.

// Hash House A Go Go //
Per the strong recommendations of several friends, Timothy and I set foot (er.. car tire) out to a trendy restaurant new to Whore-lando called, Hash House A Go Go. They are known for their meals of colossal proportions and, believe me, its frankly obscene. Amurrica, kids! I went with the griddle meatloaf and eggs while Timothy went the way of the corned beef hash. Truly delicious but truly unnecessary as far as portion size is concerned. It's your standard novelty institution (I love that I said standard and novelty as though it weren't a total oxymoron) and a perfect fit for touristy Orlando International Drive.

// Dining With My Clowny Co-Workers //
In keeping with food talk, Wednesday evening was filled with zany escapades in a hilarious outing to Aashirwad Indian Restaurant with my delightful Giggle Gang comrades. I'm tucked away behind the thumbs up clown there (newly engaged! Many congrats, Lee and Robyn!). Hands down, the best Indian food in Orlando. And hands down, one of the most hilarious evenings I've had in a while (putting a bunch of clowns in a small, ethnic restaurant? It just goes with the territory).

// Abandoned Malls //
In a valiant effort to walk off our disgustingly large Hash House meals, Timothy decided to take me to a forgotten mall here in Orlando, Festival Bay. Much to our surprise, the mall has turned into a ghost town. It's the most bizarre-o thing I've ever seen (although perhaps not more bizarre than Tom Cruise flailing about on Oprah's sofa or Big Ang in general). There are basically only three stores actually operating in the entire mall and the rest of it is completely vacant. It was creepy and awesome all at once to walk about this desolate building and peer into old store fronts with their empty shelves and horrifying mannequins. Timothy is set on making a zombie film here. I think he's absolutely on to something.

// This Mumford And Sons Video //
If you thought Mumford and Sons were ever taking themselves too seriously, think again. This is hilariously brilliant. Give yourself about a minute to realize the comic genius that unfolds in this awesome music video.

// "Bruises" By Train //
I'm not a huge country fan nor have I ever been particularly big on Train though I recognize their true talent. And then this song came on and I'm just a sucker for it. Can't help it.

How was YOUR week? Please do tell! Take it easy, kids. :)

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  1. I am also totally ready for Autumn! We've had record low temps in ATL this week, and I'm loving it. Bring on the pumpkin spice! :)

  2. that photo of big ang is frighting but i can't look away!


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