5 On Friday (8.23.13)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Can you believe that in one week and a day, August will be saying sayonara? And yes, it took me at least four attempts to spell that word correctly.

This was a jam packed week of work and friends and food and more work and more friends and more food. Here's what I'm heart-ing nowadays.

// Lunch With Friends //
What Thursday is complete without a lunch outing among your clowny co-workers? I was introduced to a divine restaurant called "Chuy's" where, like everything seems to be in this tourist trap land called Orlando, the portions were colossal and the sights were (overtly) stimulating. I mean... there's an entire ceiling adorned in hubcaps and walls laced in framed dog photos. I'm not entirely sure I understand the ADHD theming of this place, but I dug it 100%.

// Foodie Pen Pals //
I received my first Foodie Pen Pals package in the mail this week! Clearly, Orzo Princess Baby cat was just as excited as I was. Can't wait to share with you all of the delicious foods Kimberly shared with me on reveal day (August 31)! 

// Thrifty Organizing And Forcing Autumn //
Our desk was the hottest of messes after a week of work. So, naturally, I hit up a local thrift store and scored this awesome wooden desk organizer and cute rustic lamp. And yes. Yes, I have decided to will Fall into my life via desktop wallpaper. Fie on you, Florida heat. I'll make my own indoor Autumn.

// Barbecues And Board Games //
We had an amazing time with our (super talented and side-stitch hilarious) couples friends this week at their indoor barbecue (oh m'Gawd, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake you besta GET. OUT). And this Telestrations board game? Holy. Moly. The most I've laughed in a while (and my husband is hilarious on the regular, so this is saying a lot).

// Hot Venom by Miniature Tigers //
I am obsessed with music and, more importantly, exposing others to good tuneage. I've always loved this song and when it popped on last night and my husband requested to listen to it twelve more times, I was just tickled pink. Brushes shoulders. A-thank you. And you're welcome. Speaking of music, t-minus two days until 'N SYNC on the VMA's. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Activate teenage self. :)

How was YOUR week?
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  1. I love your photos, everyone looks so happy!

  2. haha when i can't spell something, i don't even attempt i just go to google and copy and paste :) happy friday! ps. Love your song pick !


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