Easy Leftover Taco Pita Pizza

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What do you do when taco night leaves you with a tupperware container full of taco meat? You do this.

Clearly, I just wanted to see how many genres of cuisine I could squeeze into one dish. Thank you, Italy, Me-hee-co, and general Mediterranean culture for this off-the-cuff treat. This one takes me back to my college years of putting together whatever I had on hand. Still, let that not take away from obvious overlooked brilliance in the kitchen (psych!).

// Ingredients //
1 Slice of Pita Bread
1/2 Cup of Leftover (Heated) Taco Meat Filling (Or browned ground turkey/ beef/ chicken flavored with taco seasoning according to package directions)
2 tbs shredded cheese (Mexican blend)
1 tbs salsa
Shredded Spinach (to your preference)

// Directions //
1. Layer all of your toppings atop the pita bread.
2. Toast until cheese is melted 
3. Boom.


  1. This actually sounds SO good! I never know what to do with my leftover taco meat... definitely trying this next time!

  2. Such a quick and easy meal. Looks awesome! I think I might start buying pita bread to jazz up my leftovers.


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