Tiny Changes (Week 5): Meal Planning

Monday, August 5, 2013

I survived another week of my Tiny Changes Challenge! The challenge last week? To actually use our reusable bags. We were about 70% successful. I completely rocked it out when it came to remembering to keep them in the car (after every shopping trip, I hung them by the door so I wouldn't forget). Then, sometimes I royally sucked at remembering to actually take them into the store. We are working on it and doing MUCH better than before.

This Week's Challenge:
Now that I've begun to incorporate food prep into our weekly routine (which has been mostly great for lunches), I am now looking to actually planning our meals. We play the "what do you want for dinner?" game most nights of the week. I thought it would also be wise to base our meals on what's on sale. Winn-Dixie and Publix are our closest grocery stores so I went ahead and checked out what's BOGO this week that would be a staple in the kitchen:

Winn Dixie:
- Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (BOGO)
- Bagged Salad (BOGO)
- Curly's Smokehouse Sausage Links (BOGO)
- Bird's Eye Veggies (BOGO)
- Spices (BOGO)
- Kaiser Rolls (BOGO)

- Ragu Pasta Sauce (BOGO)

My husband can pull meals out of his culinarily gifted arse. I, the sad pathetic wannabe cook, have to use recipes. Here are some that I'd like to give a go this week based on what's on sale.

Recipes To Try This Week:
- Clean Eating Tuna Casserole
- Baked Quinoa Chicken Parmesan
- Super Fast Kale And Sausage Soup
- Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage
- Slow Cooker Springtime Minestrone Soup
- Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Tiny Changes Made So Far
• Flossing (totally sucking at upholding this one...)
• Food Prep And Leftover Consumption
• Keeping The Car Clean
Using Reusable Bags


  1. i should probably start making a meal plan for each week, because i am the worst when it comes to 'what do we want to have for dinner tonight' i feel like this would help me get creative too!

    1. Right? Our conversation usually goes: "What do you want for dinner?" "Food." "What kind of food?" "The kind that you eat." "Awesome."


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