Tiny Changes (Week 8)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Another week of my Tiny Changes Challenge, done! The challenge last week? A second attempt at following a cleaning schedule. It kindof happened. I mean, I can say the bed was made every day. The laundry was done every day. The dishes were done every day. The counter tops were wiped down every day. As far as the whole vacuum on this day and clean the toilet on this day: it just ain't happenin'. I will save all of that rat-a-tat-crap for a Spring cleaning overhaul day when we have guests coming over. And yes, I just said "rat-a-tat-crap" because I'm apparently a 67 year old Jewish man making up nonsense terms to convey my outrage.

So, let's move on.

My tiny change challenge for this week: To drink water.

I have been avoiding this, friends. Water bores my face off. Back when I was a youthful, agile 21 year old living on the mountaintops of Colorado, I biked and ran daily with a Camelback back pack perpetually strapped to my shoulders like some weirdo lifelong H20 IV. Constantly sucking that (flavorless) stuff down like it was some super-power-fueling Kool-Aid. And now, I am at a cynical 27 and I want my coffee and my Diet Coke and my OJ (I live in Florida... you can't even enter the state without them forcing this stuff down your throat) and I want it right now, dagnabbit! #selfcensoring

But, I figure I need to toss in the towel and just drink that recommended amount (what is it again? Googling it...) so I can feel healthier and lose weight and maybe add a few years to my life. :)

So, there it is. I resolve to drink my recommended daily amount of water. Boom.

Ps- Look at this woman totally faking that she likes water...

As always, here's the meal plan for the week! :)

Recipes To Try This Week:
SUNDAY: VMA Party with friends. Sausage balls and guacamole. Healthy! ;)
MONDAY: It's the hubs day off. He cooks and he's always got a surprise up his sleeve.
TUESDAY: Cheesy Stuffed Meatball Sliders
WEDNESDAY: Bistro Europa 
THURSDAY: Black And White Chicken Chili 
FRIDAY: Crock Pot Split Pea Soup
SATURDAY: Roasted Corn Caesar Salad
I use Ziplist to keep my recipes and shopping list in order and so should you! :)

Tiny Changes Made So Far
• Flossing (totally sucking at upholding this one...)
• Food Prep And Leftover Consumption
• Keeping The Car Clean
• Using Reusable Bags
• Meal Planning
• Abiding By A Cleaning Schedule (psh!)

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