5 On Friday: Soccer-y, Pumpkin-y, Tour-y Kindof Week

Friday, September 6, 2013

What a glorious week this has been! Jam-packed with good friends, backstage tours, movies in bed with the hubs, soccer de-virginization (to be explained), thrifting, thrifting, and more thrifting. And as I sit here in the Panera surrounded by high schoolers who either A. work here or B. are sitting in booths flirting with girls through brace-wired teeth, avoiding phone calls from their moms, I am sweetly reminded that I am now a grandma.

But, at least I'm a grandma who still shops at Old Navy and knows at least four popular songs.

Let's recap the glory that is life at the moment:

// Tower of Terror Tour //
One of the (many) perks of working at Walt Disney World are VIP tours. On Tuesday, my co-workers and I got an exclusive tour of Disney's Tower of Terror ride which is ALSO where Timothy and I got engaged. It's kindof the best ride on the whole planet and this tour was filled to the brim with cool trivia and interesting backstories. And of course, who wants to tour this ride and note ride it? So, after a few screams and shrieks, we called it a day. Perfection.

// Orlando City Soccer //
You guys, I've never particularly cared for soccer. Let's be honest, I just plain didn't like it. So, if you had asked me two weeks ago if I would have ended up decked out in Orlando City colors screaming among super fans dressed like moon men, cheering with the "Ruckus" supporter crowd, I would have scoffed at you. Rudely. Some of our couples friends invited us out and I'll be darn-tootin' if it wasn't one of the best things I've done in Orlando. Championship game TOMORROW NIGHT! Raaaaahhhhh!

// Pumpkin-y Things //
It's Fall! Everything is turning into a pumpkin (which contrary to Cinderella's opinion on the matter, is actually a GOOD thing)! I finally got my first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. A word about the pumpkin spice M&M's: They do NOT taste like pumpkin. They do not taste like anything different from a regular chocolate M&M. Fail. Big fail. Bigger disappointment.

// Pita Oven //
I stumbled upon a hole in the wall Greek fast food joint this week and died over their falafel. Seriously, if you're in the area- get in on Pita Oven.

// Victrola 78's Score //
Last year at our engagement party, my amazing aunt and uncle gave us the most beautiful (WORKING) Victrola from- wait for it- 1912! I can't believe we have something over 100 years old in our little undeserving apartment. Regardless, it's not always easy to find records for this puppy until I struck gold at a thrift store yesterday. We had such a romantic evening last night listening to awesome old school songs while it stormed out. Siiiiigh.

How has YOUR week been?

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  1. I want to work at Disneyworld!!!

    Hahaha. Most of the fun of any sports is getting decked out in colors and being crazy. Hooray!

    Even the orange m&m looks disappointed in itself...

    That falafel looks SOOOOOOOO tasty.

    1912 Victrola on a stormy night? Sounds crazy amazing and romantic. I love that!

  2. I guess I won't waste my time trying the pumpkin spice M&Ms. What is falafel? Have a good weekend!

    1. Falafel is this amazing little Middle Eastern bite of fried chickpeas, fava beans and parsley. You have to try it some time! It's delectable! :)

  3. The Victrola is pretty cool... my husband would be envious! He loves things like that!

    I have to agree with Karen, it would be pretty cool to work at Disney World!

    I'm not sure what falafel is, but it looks very yummy!!! :)

    Hope your weekend is lovely too!


  4. Oh my gosh, it's so funny that you had those pumpkin M&Ms because a coworker of mine was telling me about them just the other day! I had no idea they even made those. FYI, pumpkin is my favorite flavor in the whole world, so I am sad to hear they don't taste anything like it. The potential was so great!

    I've never ridden the Tower of Terror, but that is SO CUTE that that's where you got engaged!

    Also, my boyfriend is completely obsessed with soccer. Teach me how to like it please, because this is a constant argument in our house haha.

    1. I'm totally plannign to start a "Pumpkin spotting series" on my blog where I post all of the pumpkin-y things I find throughout the Fall. So, you have to keep me posted on all of the pumpkin-y things you find so I can get in on them as well! :)

      Tower of Terror is the msot bomb diggety ride in the whole world. It's so great, I can only use 90's phrases to describe it.

      I still prefer American football to soccer... but, I do appreciate that a 90-minute soccer game really only lasts 90 minutes versus 12 hours! :)

  5. once you watch live soccer your opinion quickly changes, or at least i found that out after dating a boy who LOVES soccer


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