Five on Fri...Saturday (Shh. Don't Tell.)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

No blogging for an entire week? How out of character for me! As much as I can say I missed the blogging community and the writing outlet, I'll never refuse those poignant moments when real life takes over, kicks in, consumes you a bit, and then gives you some sweet nightly pillow moments with your husband.

Between a full week of work, adapting an entire children's script for a youth production of "Around The World in 80 Days," my husband starting a brand new role at a dinner show here in Florida, and watching Orlando City Soccer win the mother friggin' championship game, I can happily say, "Welcome, Saturday! You're pretty cute."

I currently find myself sipping coffee (their pumpkin spice latte is nearly 400 calories; I just couldn't do it, especially this early in the day) in the local Panera (boo. hiss. I caved to corporate). I'm wearing my husband's shirt which very nondescriptly reads, "Brooklyn" across the chest. I have no idea what this refers to. The city? A sports tream? A college? No clue.

So, you can imagine my embarrassment when a New York native inquired and I had to sheepishly reply, "Yeah. I have no idea what this shirt is. I'm from North Carolina."

Ah, the lovely morning moments of a Southern poser.

Moving on. I missed Five on Friday. So, I'm doing it today. Don't like it? Well, YOU CAN SUCK IT. I'm totally kidding. Don't suck it. Unless the "it" is a delicious popsicle or a rainbow lollipop. Then you go ahead and get your suck on.

Things That Were Great About This Week. Go:

// Orlando City Soccer //
Kids, I didn't even know a darn thing about soccer two weeks ago. And then, one week ago today I found myself ransacking Party City for every red and purple anything I could find. There's something so invigorating about bonding over a team and celebrating their win. And yes. We won. And yes, I brought a purple bucket of candy to celebrate.

// Timothy's Opening Night at Capone's Dinner Show //
Timothy opened a new role this week at a dinner show here in Orlando. He was, as always, amazing and hilarious and wonderful. And it was a great excuse for me to get all dressed up! If that weren't enough, an adorable little three-year old girl at the neighboring table befriended me. We were fast friends by the end of the night and I almost took her home in my pocket. If you're looking to kick back, laugh a lot and have a meatball or four, you should go check out this little skit!

// Yellow Dog Eats //
Tuesday was a day of delicious food dates with friends at Yellow Dog Eats Cafe- a GLORIOUS locally owned restaurant here in Florida that you simply must visit if you're ever in the Ocoee/ Clermont area. It's. Friggin. Awesome. I intend to try the Pulled Pork Nachos eventually... And yes. Yes, they have roosters walking around.

// Working For The Man //
I worked a lot this week. Work is good. I love work. I lead a funny kindof life where work isn't always consistent and I am far from having a 9-5 lifestyle. Sometimes, it's hard and I get into a dark place when work is really thin. But, when it rains it pours and I get to explore every aspect of my personality... be it a script adapter, a director, an American Idol judge, a clown, a wife. I am so grateful to have been given a frugally non-monotonous life. :)

// NC Calling //
In three days, I'm traveling to my home of all homes: North Carolina. It will be the first time I've been to visit my family in a whole YEAR! Timothy's working so I'll be flying solo (this always breaks my heart and I miss him so much because I'm a clingy, leech of a wife, apparently). I can't wait to hug my mom, laugh with Dad, bond with sis (oh. my. God. She's a senior in high school and I am a grandmother), and roll around in all of the glorious bliss that is Fall in the Carolinas.

How has your week been?

P.S. Everyone needs to go check out Karen at blue girl presents who I nominated for a Liebster Award! She just posted her survey answers AND she said super nice things about me which was completely unnecessary but GREATLY appreciated. She's awesome and super talented. Go check her out!

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  1. Sometimes, I think it's good when the real world consumes you and makes you step back for a bit. :) And then I feel a tad overwhelmed by all the unread posts in my bloglovin feed! ;)

    Looks like you have had an amazing week! :)


    1. Right?! I felt like I had betrayed every single one of you! Happy Sunday, lady!! :)

  2. Girl I am loving the red lipstick on you!! Also 400 calories? That is legitimately a meal. Not cool.

    1. Aw thank ya muchly, miss!! Why do all of the delicious things have to make you fat?! Curses!

  3. I wondered where you were this week. Your brooklyn t-shirt story made me laugh. I used to have an Atlanta braves t-shirt and people would start talking to me about baseball. I know nothing about baseball I only had the short because my dad bought it for me, it's his favorite team. Have fun with your family!

    1. Haha!!! That's hilarious. I'm glad I'm not the only walking t-shirt liar on the planet. Have an amazing week! :)

  4. glad to see i am not the only blogger that attends soccer games!!!

  5. I won't tell, but I'm glad you're back! Have a great time visiting family


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