Pinteresting Around The House

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For those of you living on a budget, Pinterest is a great way to creatively spruce up your home. Here's what over been doing around the apartment lately thanks to my good ole Pin friend. 

1. Light switches are boring. Liven them up with a simple frame!

2. Sick of staring at bulky detergent and soap bottles? Fill up a few oil dispensers for a classy kitchen sink. I scored mine for a buck a piece at Joann Fabrics. Side note: You'll want to dilute your liquids for easy pouring.

3. Want your house to smell like fresh laundry all the time? Pour a handful of Downy Unstoppables into a tart warmer. My husband put this into action and it was magical. :) 

What are you pinteresting lately?


  1. all of these ideas are awesome- great ways to make things feel super homey!


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