Pumpkin Spotting (Part 4)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'd love to say I'm above the trend of falling victim to every pumpkinized product out there.

But, I'm not.
In fact, I'm so far INto the trend, that I want to wrap myself up in it all day until I become the Violet Beauregarde of pumpkins and turn into a big, fat, round orange gourd of awesome.

My mission to conquer the pumpkin is steadfast and resolute (as one Billy Shakespeare might say) and I'm not stopping until I've squeezed the last drop of pumpkin juice from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (amazeballs, so good).

But, no mission is complete without an army. Thusly, I'm bringing you along so that you may not be left behind in the dust of empty store shelves and barren Starbucks cups stained in drunken syrup and cinnamon remnants.

Here are my latest and greatest pumpkin finds:
 1. Pumpkin Bread Loaf (Found At Bob Evans Restaurant): Timothy was working a long day so I decided to bring him some dinner at work. Bob Evans has an amazing "Family Meals-To-Go" deal happening right now where you can get an entree, two sides, and bread for 23 bucks. And it is a MASSIVE meal. I already had leftovers and there is STILL enough for another meal. PLUS, the bread? Yeah, it's an entire loaf. And they have pumpkin bread. And it is awesome. 

2. Pumpkin Pie Supreme (Found At Bob Evans Restaurant): Once I caught on to all of the pumpkin stuff Bob Evans had been hiding from me in the bakery, I had to get my mitts (do people still even say that?) on this. It's basically pumpkin pie with a layer of cheesecake. It's pretty yummy but I prefer Olive Garden's pumpkin pie cheesecake.

3. Pumpkin Pie Chocolate (Found At World of Chocolate Museum): Look how pretty and decadent that little white chocolate pumpkin morsel is. It was, as my husband likes to say, "Good, not great."

4. Nature's Own Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Toasters (Found From MY MOM): My mom sent these to me in the mail and they are FRIGGIN' awesome. I have no clue where she found them. I can't even find them ONLINE! They are amazing with a pad a butter or, even better, apple butter. Yes. Yes. Oh em gee, yes.

My other awesome finds in my Pumpkin Spotting Series:


  1. not sure if any pumpkin pie can be better than my grandma's but i am willing to do research

  2. I love that you are pumpkin spotting!! And yes enjoy Ben Rector!!


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