Pinteresting Around The House: Silverware Turned Jewelry Organizer.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm a believer in the idea that every new year should feel like a clean slate.

Granted, I tend to get a little clean-slate-happy regardless of what time of year it is. Perhaps it's every month. Or birthday. Or week. Or every third Wednesday of every other month. Or every Full Moon. Regardless, I love the feeling of starting anew (hence my avid obsession with rearranging the furniture; my poor husband never knows what to expect upon his arrival home after work).

Thusly, I have spent the last eight hours scouring our apartment; cleaning to the max, kids.

The reason you can know that this is on the border of excessive is that we live in a small one bedroom apartment. So, I was meticulous... to say the least.

I am, by no means, any sort of Mary Poppins, Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Sandra Lee, insert other females publicly recognized for their practical perfection in every other way. But, I do enjoy organizing.

Today's little project? A Pinterest find from long ago: Silverware Organizer turned Jewelry McAwesome Organizer.

This was super de-duper easy, quick, cheap, and cute. All you'll need is a couple screws, a screw gun, a hammer, and however many nails to accommodate your jewelry needs. I screwed the silverware bin directly into the wall and began hammering in the nails from there. Easy as pie and a great easy-access way to keep up with your bling.

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