The Daily Prompt: The Tubular, Totally Awesome, Phat, Bomb Diggety Truth About Fads

Thursday, February 20, 2014

In an effort to not let my blog die another slow, sad, dusty death of disregard, I have decided to succumb to the Daily Post's blog prompts.

I am quickly reminded of sixth grade essay-writing periods where we graduated from pencil to (oh my goodness! how exciting! This means I'm an ADULT now!) black ink and were timed. And graded. And judged. And oddly enough, that comforts me. The big, black cyber abyss of "I don't know what to write about today" is scary. Sometimes, you need a much more successful and popular blog to hold your shaky little hand along the way.

Today's subject of interest? Fads. Trends. The ole bandwagon.

What I love about fads is that hating on them is just about as popular as submitting yourself to them.
i.e. "Oh my gosh, One Direction is sooooo cute!" versus "Oh my gosh, I hate that One Direction band." You've heard both of these statements. Frequently. And you may have even said both of these statements (Confession: I have. In reverse order, at that. And I'm a 27 years old adult woman. Dear God).

I am the poster child of both loving and hating on the trends.

So, let us now take a look back in "Candace's Love/ Hate Relationship With Fads" history book.

1991: Hermit crabs? Never had one.

1992: Obsessed with New Kids on the Block? Absolutely.

1993: Permed hair?  Did it.

1994: Interested in Beanie Babies? No. I didn't get it. Fad denied!

1994: Leggings with stirrups paired with jingle bell-y sweatshirts? Yup. That happened.

1995: Pogs? Nope. Not into it. Lava lamps? Had one.

1996: Dressing like a Spice Girl and gesturing a peace sign for every photo taken of me? I mean, yes. That occurred.

1996: Esteemed advocate of D.A.R.E? Si.

1997: Into the yin-yang symbol? Totes. WWJD Bracelet? Had about twelve.

1997: Perpetually distracted by my Tamagotchi that eventually died in a mound of its own poo due to general 11-year-old negligence? Affirmative.

1998: Obsessed with Britney Spears and *NSYNC and sooooo over the Spice Girls? Completely.

1999: Awkwardly in love with hearing "You've Got Mail!" every time I logged into AOL? So much.

2000: Body glitter and butterfly clips? Yeah, girl!

2001: Still obsessed with Britney Spears and *NSYNC? Don't judge.

2002: Old enough to desire an identity that went against the norm thus making me completely unpopular among cheerleaders, football players, and anyone else in school until I transferred to an arts school where my quirky fashion choices were embraced and accepted by all? Yes.

2004: Total thrift store addict because that's all that Urban Outfitters looks like anyway? 100%.

2004: One of the first colleges to be on Facebook? Ten years later and still going strong.

2005: Crocs? Lame and ugly. Gouchos? Lovin' it.

2006: College parties? Went. Didn't drink. May have carried around a red solo cup just to look cool.

2007: Just. Want. All. The. Harry. Potter? You've got that right.

2008: Wanting to be quirky, cute, and Indie like Ingrid Michaelson but still needing to outwardly hate on hipsters (who have replaced emo's who have replaced goths who have replaced androgynous David Bowie fans who have replaced... vampires? I don't know how I got here).

2009: Crazily into cupcakes? Yes.

2010: Can't stop watching Jersey Shore? Duh.

2011: Planning my perfect, homespun, Pinterest-inspired wedding? Correct.

2012: Totally aroused by Fifty Shades of Grey? Never read it.

2012: Hashtag: No Filter? Eff that. Filter my face all day long.

2013: Twerking, dubstep, Hunger games? I'll pass. Food blogging and food trucking and food photographing and being soooo into eating local? Well... Yes. God, that was an expensive phase.

2014: In love with sock buns, Zumba, Grumpy Cat, and Vine? Why yes. Yes, I am.

So, there you have it, kids. A remarkably (and unnecessarily) thorough rundown of my ongoing affair with the trends. And how's your day?

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  1. my DARE teacher was later the head of campus safety at my college. it was weird.


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