Ping Pong Market Lights

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Once upon a time, I found a post on Pinterest with a magical ladder in an even more magical leaning position against a wall strewn in market lights. I performed my usual croon and swore this would happen in our new place.

I like to go halfway on things.

1. I don't own market lights.
2. ... or a ladder.

This is where my improvisational skills come in handy.

While visiting my beautiful and talented friend Bry in NY, his sublet apartment had a (much more expensive than mine) mirror displayed on the wall in a delicious tilted, unattached manner. Aside from the fact I'm married, unattached, noncommittal behavior is MY JAM. So, I took our very plain mirror (pretty sure I acquired this at around eight bucks at Target) and revisited the Pinterest magic.

Ping Pong Balls + X-acto Knife + Half Off Christmas Lights at Wal-Mart on the day after Christmas= "Upscale" Home Decor.

What You'll Need
- Ping Pong, dare I say Table Tennis Balls (You can get a box of 140+ on Amazon for under $10)
-A String of LED Lights- make sure they are LED as non-LED's would be a safety hazard!! (Whatever color you prefer, white will give you more of a market light experience)
- X-acto Knife (These can be purchased at most craft stores; do not fear them, they are a very portable and useful!)

And yes, sometime the cat needs to inspect the packaging. It's for the safety of us all.
1. It's laughably simple. Using your knife, carve an "x" into each ball.
2. Insert the bulb of the lights.
3. Voila. No, really. You're finished. It was that easy. You're welcome.


  1. It's really important that you update your post to make sure people know THEY HAVE TO use LED christmas lights. Regular lights get hot, and ping pong balls are a thin plastic that melts easily.

    1. Done! And thank you for reminding ME to remind my readers to do this safely!!


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