String-Wrapped Wall Art

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's pretty crazy what some string and canvas can do when their forces are combined. Our bare walls needed a little color but not at the cost of (insert something crazy expensive here).

This was a simple project I found on Pinterest that I thought would suit our simple nest nicely.

What You'll Need
- Canvas
- Spray Paint (color of your choosing)
- Scissors
- Tape or Glue


1. I like to begin by taping down the string to the frame as a starting point.
2. Start wrapping. I prefer to wrap randomly. Create patterns or don't. It's up to you. I personally turned on an episode of Friends (thanks, Netflix!) and just went for it. I found it easier to lay the spool of string on the floor and begin flipping the canvas itself. But, you may want to hold the canvas steady and wrap the string.
3. When you've got what you want, simply tie off the string on an existing string on the backside of the canvas. If you'd rather tape it down to the frame, feel free.
3. Once the wrapping is complete, lay your canvas down on tarp (or garbage bags) and spray away in your desired pattern. 
4. Allow to dry and voila!

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