Tree String Art

Sunday, January 11, 2015

For what seems like years, I've been living for the nail and string art I've seen all over Pinterest. So, I finally decided to go for it. Yes, there's some tedium involved. But, once you have the foundation laid down, this is a very mindless (and gratifying!) project that you can achieve in about an hour and a half to two hours all while watching the TV (in my case, "The Office").

What You'll Need
Wooden Wall Plank- like the one pictured below (I decided to spray paint mine in a darker wood spray paint but you could leave yours as is or stain as wanted)
Flat Head Nails- be sure that they are the right size according to the thickness of your plank (... that's what she said)
Crochet String- you can also use embroidery string or any string that is to your desired thickness

Use chalk to outline your tree or desired shape. I chose to do mine freehand to achieve a more homespun like. You can Google or Pinterest a number of templates if freehand is not your thing. Your cats will be undoubtedly interested in this entire process as evidenced by the photo above.

Begin hammering your nails along the chalk lines. The more nails you use, the more curvature you can achieve. Then, start stringing away! I chose to outline the entire tree first and then fill in. Do this as randomly as possible and pay attention to gaps once you are nearly finished. Wipe off the excess chalk with a wipe once you have completed your design!


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