Operation Cardboard Christmas

Monday, November 21, 2016

Well, holy macaroni! It's only been almost TWO years. But, I'm back. With a vengeance. Ready to reunite myself and all of you fine people with the wonderful world of DIY and organization and deliciousness and frugality! :)

A mindless flick of the finger through the Pinterest abyss can land you in a pretty creative mindset. Mine? The Cardboard Fireplace. 

Afforable? The cheapest.

Tacky? Certainly.

Childish? Maybe. 

Cute? SOOO cute.

As we have just celebrated a few monumental birthdays and anniversaries and general healing over the past couple of months, not to mention our discovery of Amazon Prime Now (Dear Lord, help us all. We'll never leave the house again), we have acquired quite a mountain of cardboard boxes and scraps. Typically, this will go right to the recycling bin. But, as I began to envision the possibilities for a cozy Christmas in a Florida apartment, I thought to myself, "Maybeeeee. Just maybe...."

And voila. The improvised construction began. I bought a few "My 1st Project Boards" from Wal-Mart at ninety-nine cents a pop, because I'm apparently twelve. The rest of the building was definitely trial and error, a veritable melange of paint-mixing and hot glue frenzies. I even made a few little cardboard trees to go on the "mantle" or "Fantle," as it were. I will be adding some more inexpensive garb to the fireplace as the weeks go by, so stay tuned!

If you're interested in trying out your own fireplace masterpiece (I imagine your kids will love you for it!), there are a lot of great tutorials on Youtube. I found this one especially helpful.

Happy Fireplace-ing! 

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