Tasty Tuesday: Farmer's Markets & a Mistobox

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tasty Tuesdays are for recipe-sharing, pretty pictures of food, restaurant shout-outs and general tongue-tantalizing-tales... oh Boy. Yep. Taking that one back. I'll try again. Titillating- no. Tingling- no. Fine. It's food porn. Ok?! Holy macaroni.

This week in the land of culinary goodness came a foray into cooler weather (finally) and a jaunt to the Winter Park Farmer's Market. Jam-packed-with cranberry apple jam and speckled in some of the most gorgeous produce I've seen in a while, this was most certainly a Saturday morning success. And while my wallet lost weight, I most certainly did not after some Heartsong Cookies (yas) and a big, buttery croissant (oui oui).

And in the vein of trying to look like super, gourmet, lofty, hoity toity foodies (who also enjoy Taco Bell), I've begun some subscription box trials. The ever-so-loved first box often comes with a discount so do your research and find some deals. I will be sharing my newfound subscription boxes with you right here, right now.

The Deal: 12oz bags of whole bean coffee shipped to your door. Cancel anytime.
My Thoughts: This coffee is absolutely delicious! I enjoy my light roasts and this bright blend of Eithiopia Sidama Ardi did not disappoint.

Very important to me is the cost. There are three tiers of plans that are fully flexible to your time, taste preferences, and budget. Plus, the $15.99-$18.99 price range far surpasses the usual starting rate of $25-30 for many coffee subscription surfaces. You get a lovely little backstory behind your coffee from your personal curator in each box too which adds a very personal touch to the entire experience.

Give it a try by clicking right here and enjoy your java! :)

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