Dollar Store Christmas Tree Revamp

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Well, it's official. I have an addiction to Dollar Tree. It's palpable. It's outrageous. It's a wonder of wonders.

Can you believe I've been putting up my own Christmas Tree for about seven years and never invested in a tree skirt? Who am I? This is uncivilized behavior.

2016 may be the worst year known to man but I will not let it go down without a TREE SKIRT!

After my cheap self refused the double digits of Cyber-Monday-tree-skirt-browsing, I succumbed to the Almighty Tree of Dollar for a felt skirt that was.... fine. At best. Still better than the oddly wrapped plush throws of yesteryear.

One stop to the Dollar Spot at Target and voila! A sensible tree skirt makeover was born!

I encourage you to go through whatever little crafty trinkets you have. I found some rhinestones, pearl appliques, puffy paint, glitter string, jingle bells. Target had pom-poms and trim, each for a buck. And the hot glue gun is your friend. Go to town. Let the creativity take over. 

And BAM. Your Christmas tree looks a little fancier and you feel a little jollier.

Share your frugal Christmas revamps with me right here! I'm always excited to embrace the simple and give it a little extra shine. :)

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